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BioLingus is a Swiss biotech company spearheading the development of oral (sublingual) delivery of peptides and proteins for chronic diseases and immuno-therapy via our innovative formulation technology.
Our company focuses on the development of products for treatment of metabolic diseases and various immuno-therapies.



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- Road to Obesity and Diabetes Sublingual

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The Cytokine Stabilisation and Slow Release (CSSR) technology is the "mother" of the BioLingus technologies.


Through advanced "bio-engineering", the BioLingus SEED Technology is mimicking what is happening in nature in a plant SEED.


The OPUS (Oral Peptide Utility System) is our technology application to orally (sublingually) or via the mucosum administer peptides which have no immunomodulatory mode of action.


Due to the fact that BioLingus drug administration is sublingual, and the use of a specific carrier molecule in the BioLingus formulation, the BioLingus technology is particularly effective for sublingual immuno therapy.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

To further exploit the potential of the BioLingus Technology, we are interested in exploring partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies. Aside from pharmaceutical companies, we are also interested in working with and food companies working on innovative food supplements.
Together we unlock the potential of the BioLingus Technology, and thus transform current standard practices in the administration of peptides and proteins.

Advantages of the BioLingus Technology

Oral administration of peptides and proteins is very suitable for established markets, but also for emerging and third world countries because :

- Patients have a significant preference for oral/sublingual over injectable products. Hence the sublingual treatments will not only take market share from injectable products, but may also increase market share in less severe indications, and thus increase the overall market. (Based on our market research, we expect that the conversion rate from injectable to oral could be up to 80%.)
- If one eliminates the need for syringes, one also eliminates completely any safety risks associated with needles (e.g. needlestick injuries, blood borne infections).
- The need for a cold chain may be eliminated or minimized. For instance, the BioLingus Technology allows specific drugs to stabilized for over 2 years at room temperature. Elimination of the cold chain will not only result in a substantial cost reduction, but also provide a substantial logistical simplification (which is important in countries with poor infrastructure).

First Product demonstrated easy scalability

Our oral interferon product using first generation CSSR technology was previously sold commercially in China (under the brand name "Immulin").

The experience with interferon in China is important for the development of the technology, as it demonstrated that our methods can be successfully scaled up for commercial scale production.


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